Most of us are familiar with New Year’s resolutions.  The annual ritual can be either wonderfully enriching or frustratingly fleeting.  Below is a list of financial resolutions sure to improve your bottom line:

  • Review recent tax law changes, identify any expected savings that may be put to good use.
  • Challenge yourself to increase your contribution to employer-sponsored retirement plans by at least the increase in the cost of living.
  • Collect more of your employer match. It’s free money.
  • Make IRA contributions as early in the year as possible.
  • Grow Roth assets tax free.
  • Check beneficiaries to ensure your legacy.
  • Take prudent risks in your long-term investment accounts, look for growth.
  • Review insurance coverages; property/casualty, life & health, long term care, disability.
  • Organize your financial data and documentation on a digital platform or software app.
  • Share important financial planning decisions with your spouse, conduct family meetings.
  • Consider charitable gifting.
  • Enjoy yourself, find time to jump the turnstile, refresh your spirit, find new joys.

Map it out, make a plan, resolve to get things going now – and let us help. It’s why we’re here.